aseekersfortune (aseekersfortune) wrote,

Owl: To Hermione (only)

I'm screwed beyond all belief.
After you went to bed last night, I had a shower then went back to the convo and well, i ran into something wierd.....well, i think you need to read it yourself....
Help me Hermione! What do I do? I owled him about it, but he was stand-offish (which was to be expected)...and..and....gah! You are the only one I've talked to about my feelings for him...although I'm assuming that everyone can guess by now....except for Ron. Ron is totally oblivious, and I hope it stays like that, at least for a little while.
We agreed we'll talk when we see eachother at school...but I'm scared. And I don't know what to do about it. He's such a prick most of the time, so I just KNOW he'll be difficult about this whole situation. And it looks like he and Parkinson got into a pretty intense fight about it, so he'll likely be even more bitter towards me because of it.
I can't even think straight.
Hermione, I need you so much right now!

With love and desperation,

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