aseekersfortune (aseekersfortune) wrote,

Owl: To Seb

Hey Gorgeous,

I hope you don't mind I've taken to calling you that. And sorry for my quick departure before. I just didn't want to listen to all the pick up lines anymore. Haha, looks like you are going to be more popular than you expected. Congratulations.
What you said to Seamus surprised me. I wasn't expecting you to tell him off like that. But then again, he was asking for it. Merlin that kid drives me mad sometimes, all he does is think about sex! Honestly, there's more to a person than that! There's more to 
you than that.

This year's going to be screwed up.  I thought my main problem was that I'd found out that my number one rival is in love with me. there are a few more complications.

Sending hugs,
Write back,

-Harry James

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