Beverageless Hangover

Was definately up too late last night.  I feel like I could down about 7 hangover potions right about now, but i didn't even drink.

If I remember correctly, Malfoy was hitting on me. yech. I should have been drunk.

I'm looking forward to the school season to start. I haven't spoken to Ron or Hermione in ages, I guess I should probably owl them and find out if I'm accompaning them to diagon alley again.

There's a new Professor this year. And I'm not talking about DADA. I'm looking forward to his classes. *winks*

-Harry J

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Random Bollocks

So this is me. Harry.
My first Lj post, of hopefully many, so long as I get my act together and keep myself from being lazy.
Look for me in hproleplaying, a community I hope all you other Hogwarts students and Alumni will join. A shout out to Griffindors. We're gonna need all of 'em we can get. 
Actually, hproleplaying isn't actually a user, but it's a community, like I said, but I have yet to figure this bloody thing out, and the user link is the best I could do for the time being. 

Till next time, 

-Harry James

Edit: Oi, look at that. The Community link worked out after all. Clever thing.
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